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In our daily routine of browsing, we encounter responsive and eye-catching websites. But, have you thought what makes a website vibrant and apart from the rest? Is it web graphics, color pallets, or web simplicity? In this guide, you will understand the fundamentals of a functional website necessary to run a business online. 

Before starting the guide, you must understand the importance of a responsive website for a successful business. A shiny website is now essential to have a business for lifetime success. For your guidance, we posted a blog on fundamental reasons why a website is necessary for a brand. 

Website design fundamental practices:

If you intend to design a functional website, keep in mind these elementary basic practices for a website. These fundamentals are:

⦁ Website purpose/objective
⦁ Priority
⦁ Website simplicity/clarity
⦁ A perfect website navigation 
⦁ Use of effective writing 
⦁ The eye-catchy content 
⦁ A responsive web design 
⦁ A grid-base layout 
⦁ Optimization of load-time 
⦁ The last, mobile optimization 

Website purpose/objective:

Before developing any web-building application, you must be clear about your purpose. A functional website should meet users’ needs and fulfill requirements compulsory for a business structure. It is, therefore, necessary for every website to deliver clarity to users and help them understand what a business offers. However, consideration of a particular objective can be challenging.  

During the web development process, you must follow these objectives:

⦁ The building of a reputation 
⦁ The expertise explanation 
⦁ Lead generation 
⦁ Effective sales and aftercare


During developing a website, you must be specific in choosing the elements. There should be a ranking list of the content you want to show on a web page. It can surely help you in developing responsive websites. 

The first thing on your priority list should be the promo of items with their designer names printed. Furthermore, the next will be the logo or any other graphic necessary to clear the brand’s identity to the watcher.

Website simplicity/clarity:

The simplicity of the website can help you get usability and user experience at a time. A simple but eye-catchy website can work more efficiently than a website loaded with unusual graphics. You can build your website simple and unique by introducing the simplicity factor in:

⦁ Typography
⦁ Color
⦁ Images 

Perfect website navigation:

The chief element in making your website a pro is its navigation. A perfect website with proper navigation will not confuse its users while exploring or moving around the website. That’s why you must keep your website navigation simple, user-friendly, and easy to understand. 

Use of effective writing:

While writing the content for a website, you need to write words related to the user’s browsing habits and preferences. It is because website writing is a whole different thing than printing. While writing web content, you need to be simple and employ vocabulary that will be easy to understand for users. 

The eye-catchy content:

The creation of ideal content varies from brand to brand. You must identify the value proposition as it is the general rule. Moreover, the extraordinary addition of content can have the power to hold a large crowd of people. 

A responsive web design:

A website can provide the best viewing experience to the users across all devices if you utilize the technique of responsive web design (RWD). You can employ CSS to add eye-catchy content, theme-based images, and top-notch graphics to make a website responsive in a true sense. 

A grid-base layout:

The use of the grid layout can structure and align the content of your website for the audience. It is necessary to make it easier for your clients to understand your brand services comfortably. Without a grid base, it can be difficult for your readers to read or to pick the correct piece of information. 

Optimization of load time:

Your customer will never rely on your websites to get information if it takes more than 15 seconds to load. It is because people prefer websites that can provide them with quick information in no time. All other website fundamentals can be a waste of time if your website is not loading quickly. 

The last, mobile optimization:

According to the latest survey, 90% of users of the internet love to browse on their smartphones. The counting of internet users on mobiles is increasing rapidly. In this case, you need a website that optimizes friendly electronic devices perfectly – especially the users’ cell phones. 

Softigh Technologies - A name of creativity:

Utilizing the latest technology, Softigh Technologies is a top-ranked digital marketing agency helping businesses grow their venture. As a creative digital marketing agency in Pakistan, we help organizations build their identity by exchanging ideas to massive success. See how we add a winning factor to your working space with our industrial experience: 


The running of successful branding can never happen without planning and applying impactful strategies. We ensure the stays with the changes behavior of customers to have an outstanding branding campaign. 

Social Media Marketing:

We do nothing but introduce your business effectively with vibrant online activities and digital marketing ideas, and campaigns to maximize results. 

Website Development:

How can we assist you in building your brand identity? We can support you with your already developed website or enrich you with an amazing one. As it is the focal point of your company, it surely needs to be vibrant and perfect.

UI/UX Design:

At Softigh Technologies, we not only develop your responsive website but gives them a gearing hand with crispy UI and crunchy UX design. We are always ready to provide you with a helping hand as they love assisting you in your hard times.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Softigh Technologies understands the concept of SEO and provide you with the best solutions whenever there is a need for your business. Give your website a boost of effective SEO and rest yourself apart from the rest. 

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