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Website Development

Design, Build & Earn!

Softigh aims to design high-performance, user-friendly, and fully functional websites for its clients.

Since our only priority is your satisfaction so we focus on your objectives and develop a unique website that complies with your marketing strategy.

A website is a group of interconnected, publicly accessible Web pages with a common domain name. A website can be developed and maintained to serve a variety of objectives by an individual, group, company, or organization.

A website serves as a marketing tool that enables you to advertise your company to a worldwide audience. Moreover, it adds credibility to your company and aids in building a brand identity.

We cannot specify any fixed time for your website development. It is because every client’s project is different from the other. Depending on your requirements and website complexity, we will give you a deadline. However, it should be noted that our team tries to finish every project as soon as possible.

The process of coding and creating your website's functionality is called web development. This includes any features that make your website interactive, such as contact forms and shopping carts etc. On the other hand, web design is basically how your website looks.

Let's work together!

    How its Work

    Our Methodology

    To create the best websites that deliver, Softigh has devised a simple web design process. Check it out!

    Project Consultation
    Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    Initially, we comprehend your requirements, outline your strategy, and offer an initial estimate for custom website design.

    Strategy Development
    Step 2

    Site Development

    This phase includes site development where we make sure your website's color scheme, and logo design all reflect your branding.

    Site Development
    Step 3

    Site Optimization

    After your site development, our team will optimize your website according to SEO practices that will help you to rank on the top of Google SERPs.

    Delivery & Launch
    Step 4

    Delivery & Launch

    Finally, we will move your website from a local server to a live server. This is the last step where we complete your site and deliver it to you.