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Are you looking to increase your visibility in the social world?

Build a huge community of followers on your social media with Softigh. You will see the results in the form of organic retweets, shares, comments, likes and views on your social media page. Let’s connect!

Social media marketing activities include posting content to your social media pages, interacting with your followers, running social media ads, and evaluating the outcomes.

On social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, you may interact with your target audience and promote your content by using social media marketing techniques. Social media is used by digital marketers to raise brand recognition, provide more leads, and boost consumer interaction.

It differs. The cost of social media marketing service depends on the level of expertise, the size of your company, the range of services you need, and a number of other variables. So, its better to get in touch with us to get an exact quote.

Understanding business goals for using social media is crucial to developing your social media strategy. Our team will use this information accordingly to work on your project. This will help your business increase sales and website traffic.

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    How its Work

    Our Methodology

    Softigh aims to deliver the social media marketing strategy that helps you grow together to surpass the competitors.

    Objectives & Strategy
    Step 1

    Objectives & Strategy

    By listening to the client and identifying the campaign's actual objectives, our team outlines a complete plan to work on your project. Being the top-rated social media agency, we will design a proper strategy that will help us attain our desired goals.

    Management & Audit
    Step 2

    Management & Audit

    Experts at our social media agency perform a thorough audit of your social media accounts to analyze all the gaps and evaluate their online visibility and engagement ratio. After analysis, your social media accounts will be updated to align with the most recent marketing goals.

    Critical Analysis
    Step 3

    Critical Analysis

    In the next phase, we will analyze the competitors critically to create the most effective strategy for the social media marketing campaign. Similarly, a content plan will also be devised depending on the market goals and targets.

    Targeted Results
    Step 4

    Targeted Results

    Our team will keep a check on the ongoing performance of the campaign to ensure the best-targeted results. Last but not the least, our client will be updated on regular basis about the continued success of our planned social media marketing strategy.