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How to improve ranking with Chat GPT in [2023]

The use of artificial intelligence has increased significantly over the past few years, especially in content and SEO. What AI tool has been the most searched for recently? Why is Chat GPT such a hot topic, and what is it? How does it benefit your SEO and content creation, and will it become the next big trend?We will introduce you to the best content generator today in this guide. Keep reading!

What is Chat GPT?

Towards the end of November 2022, Open AI released Chat GPT, also known as the chat-based generative pre-trained transformer. It is based on the architectural model of GPT-3, which was unveiled in May 2020 as the third-generation language prediction model in the GPT-n series.

A chatbot named Chat GPT can respond to questions in a way that is human-like and actively participate in conversations. Thus, the chatbot helps you to generate content that is best for your ranking and gain organic searches.

How to Create a Blog Post Using Chat GPT?

Follow these steps to create a blog post using Chat GPT:

  • Choose a topic for your blog article. The topic can be anything related to your interest.
  • Now open Chat GPT and type in a prompt associated with your chosen topic. If your theme is “How to Train a Dog,” for instance, you can add something like “what suggestions would you make for training a new puppy?”
  • Now you are supposed to press the send button.

Finally, you will get the content in the form of a reply.

Benefits of Chat GPT for Businesses

  • Chat GPT provides high-quality content.

Chat GPT is said to provide high-quality content with the least mistakes. This tool is very beneficial for creating blog posts for your targeted audience. Not only this but it uses simple language to produce content making it easy for your users to understand.

  • It helps you to create SEO-optimized headlines and titles.

Chat GPT is important for SEO as it helps you to create headlines, titles, and meta descriptions for your business.

Headlines are an essential part of any article or blog post because they tell prospective readers what the content is about before they decide whether or not they want to read it.

If you don’t have a catchy headline that’s able to grab the reader’s attention and reel them in, then your chances of getting people to click through and read your article will reduce.

That’s why we recommend creating short but catchy headlines as well as writing short paragraphs so that people will be more likely to continue reading.

  • It helps you to put your thoughts into words.

Chat GPT allows you to structure your ideas into paragraphs, lists, and other formats. You can choose which ideas to include and exclude in the final content version. Moreover, you can use different styles of writing, such as bullet points or short sentences

How Chat GPT can help in content marketing?

  • Create the first draft

Producing the first content draft requires a lot of effort. Before it is ready for publication, even a simple article requires hours of research, fact-checking, writing, and editing. Businesses can use ChatGPT’s features to speed up the process of content creation and save time.

  • Calendar your content

ChatGPT can not only be used to create different types of content such as articles, emails, and advertisements but this tool also assists content marketers in coming up with content ideas related to their industry. In addition to this, marketers can also keep track of a monthly content plan for social media posts.

  • Helps with Research

Chat GPT produces consistent and high-quality content by gathering information from several resources. To avoid publishing false information, it is better to use this AI tool which produces content after researching thoroughly from a variety of sources.


I hope this has given you a better understanding of why chat GPT is an important tool for content and SEO. Chat GPT by OpenAI is a ground-breaking invention. It is a unique AI-powered chatbot that not only produces high-quality content but. simplifies the duties of a marketer too. In short, this tool is beneficial for producing high-quality content, offering keyword ideas, and nurturing leads.

To get expert advice, you can also get in touch with a digital marketing agency i.e., Softigh. Their experts will help you with creating the best content for your audience.

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January 03, 2022

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