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Have you ever come across a blog post that caught your attention?
Are you also interested in writing one that engages your reader?
Though writing blog posts is not a piece of cake, it isn’t difficult either.
If you are new to writing blog posts, don’t worry because we are going to guide you through the entire process. Have a look!

What is a Blog Post?

A blog post is a piece of information ranging from 600-2000+ words that usually addresses the user’s query. Blog posts help you to publish your thoughts and insights regarding any topic.
Not only this but a blog post may also contain different types of media such as images, videos, and infographics. Most importantly, they assist you in building your brand’s credibility and increase awareness and sales for your brand by directing organic traffic to your website.

How to Write a Blog Post?

The following steps should be followed if you are willing to write an engaging blog post for your readers. Let’s get started.

  •  Select a topic

Before writing a blog post, you need to choose a subject of writing that is related to your brand and targeted audience. After that, define a specific title for your blog post that should be very straightforward, and address your user’s query.

  •  Do your research.

After selecting a relevant topic, you must subsequently do some research on it. Thorough research will help you publish reliable and authentic information on the blog topic.

  • Draft your Blog.

Once you’ve picked a topic, done enough research, and selected a catchy title for your blog article, you should start creating its draft. The writing process will be easier if you have an outline.
Your outline should list all the key points you will cover in your blog. Your information should be divided into different headings making it easy for the readers to grasp it. Make sure each section has a header with a description as well.

  • Write Your Blog Post.

Now it’s time to complete the blog post by filling in the required information in the outline. Make sure that your content has an engaging introduction, a body, and a proper ending. Additionally, add bullet points and images to your post to make it more attractive.
Your introduction should grab readers’ attention immediately and encourage them to read more. Moreover, you should go into more depth about the topic in the blog post’s body but try to avoid making it excessively wordy or complicated. Stay on the subject and leave out extra details.
The conclusion should bring all your ideas together and provide a satisfying ending to the blog piece. The ending often consists of one to two brief paragraphs or a few phrases. Try to add images from Shutterstock and edit them with Canva. This will make your blog piece look better.

  • Optimize it according to SEO

After writing the entire blog, the most crucial step is to make it SEO-optimized.
To optimize it according to SEO, follow the below-mentioned steps:
⦁ Add Keywords.
⦁ Use SEO Title and Meta-description.
⦁ Write the content of more than 300 words.
⦁ Use proper alt tags and categories for images.
Following these guidelines will improve the SEO of your blog post helping you to gain organic traffic.

  • Edit your Blog Post.

After writing the content and adding images, you are all set. Just edit your blog post to make it ready for publishing. Check for any grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, or any extra information. Now you are all done. Let’s publish your masterpiece.

Final Verdict

Hope this guide helped you in learning about how to write a blog post. If you still have any confusion or want to hire any content writing agency, contact Softigh immediately.
Softigh is an award-winning agency having clients all over the world. Get in touch with us and we will help you in creating the best piece of content. Let’s connect!

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