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eCommerce Development

Unlimited Sales with eCommerce!

If you intend to get eCommerce services that can help you stand out in the crowded marketplace, then contact Softigh immediately.

Softigh, a reputed name in the eCommerce industry, has a vast range of experience to provide eCommerce strategy, integrations, migrations, and support.

An eCommerce website is meant for the sales and purchase of goods through an online platform. Moreover, a company can manage shipping and logistics, process orders, receive payments, and offer customer care through an e-commerce website.

In today’s era, people are so busy buying things in person from the market. They prefer doing online shopping therefore setting up an eCommerce site for your business can lead to unlimited sales. Not only this but can take advantage of this market and keep your clients up to date on all of your new goods and services.

Some of the well-known eCommerce platform solutions include Shopify, Magento, and Drupal. Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks but we suggest you use Magento if you own a big company whereas WooCommerce is best for small startups.

With an eCommerce website, your clients can access your goods and services from any location in the world. Therefore, a responsive eCommerce website will attract visitors and turn them into clients, boosting overall revenue for your company.

Let's work together!

    How its Work

    Our Methodology

    We assist you in managing the eCommerce environment with the appropriate technology that not only maintains cost management but also supports your growth and success in the competitive market.

    Project Requirements
    Step 1

    Project Requirements

    In the first phase, we will dedicate a project manager, development, and design team for your eCommerce development project.

    Design Wireframes
    Step 2

    Platform Selection

    Secondly, our team will choose the best platform for your eCommerce store. We will analyze if WordPress or Shopify best suits your needs.

    Design Testing
    Step 3

    Theme Selection

    In the third phase, we will work on selecting the best theme for your store. The selected theme will align with your requirements and designs.

    Site Launching
    Step 4

    Launch & Optimization

    Lastly, our experts will optimize your eCommerce site according to SEO. Not only this but we will also focus on improving the technical aspects such as loading speed etc. before delivering it to you.