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E-mail Marketing

Our Skill, Your Growth

Wondering to hire an email marketing agency for your business needs?

Softigh will undoubtedly be your right choice because we are the growth accelerators for startups and companies like yours. Hire us! to maximize your ROI.

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that allows you to send information to a list of subscribers via email. Moreover, it can also be used to create leads, raise brand recognition, convert prospects into clients, and increase client retention rates.

Email marketing is the most convenient way for businesses to build credibility and authority, increase sales and traffic, improve brand recognition, and establish relations with clients.

Our email marketing strategy consists of a set of guidelines that will be used to accomplish your business objectives. The strategy will direct you on when, how, and what information to disclose to clients and customers to accomplish your goals.

Your email marketing list needs to expand simultaneously for successful email marketing. However, actively interacting with your past, current, and prospective clients is the greatest approach to expanding your email list.

Let's work together!

    How its Work

    Our Methodology

    Don't overlook the importance of email marketing. We, at Softigh, will help you set up a campaign that properly adheres to your company's goals.

    Goals & Targets
    Step 1

    Goals & Targets

    In the first phase, our team will outline the necessary goals and targets of your project. After that, we will also incorporate opt-in email signups and expand the list further using additional social media platforms and paid advertising.

    Custom Email Template
    Step 2

    Email Template

    Later, we will examine your website to design an email template according to the users’ demands. Following the designed template, our team will work on producing high-quality content for the targeted consumers. The content will help you to boost the engagement ratio as well as bring conversions and sales for your brand.

    Track & Test Campaigns
    Step 3

    Track & Test

    Following the third phase, our experts will monitor and analyze the click-through rates that will help us in keeping track of campaign's online traffic, leads, sales, and revenue.

    Marketing Strategies
    Step 4

    Marketing Strategies

    After working on all the necessary email marketing strategies, we shall opt for some advanced ones too. Some of the latest email marketing strategies include marketing automation, customer retention email, win-back email campaigns, and many more!