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More than 5 billion Google searches take place every day, so search engine optimization (SEO) is very crucial for engaging your audience and ranking you higher.
Website owners and digital marketers emphasize having a high search engine ranking. It is because a better order will improve organic traffic and builds the credibility of the business. Not only this but SEO also helps to generate leads that later convert into high paying clients.
In general, on-page SEO and off-page SEO are the two most important parts of SEO that help you to rank better.
Before outlining a detailed checklist of on-page SEO, let’s see some important facts regarding SEO and its types.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to SEO factors and approaches that are centered on improving elements of your website that are under your control. For example, optimized page titles, high-quality content, URL optimization, etc.
Whereas off-page SEO refers to the major techniques and aspects that are used to promote the business online. For example, link building.

Detailed Checklist of On-Page SEO

Several components make up on-page, therefore Softigh created a checklist that you can use to ensure that everything is carried out correctly.

  • High-Quality Content

The first and most crucial component is creating high-quality content. Title tags, keywords, and headers won’t matter much if there isn’t high-quality content. Moreover, your content must be able to address users’ queries.
When you use this strategy, you will see an improvement in both your conversion rate and your rankings. In the long term, it will benefit you to prioritize quality over all other considerations.

  • Keywords

Everyone is well aware of the fact that keyword research is essential for ranking higher. Therefore, the most important step is to identify core keywords.
Furthermore, there can many tools that can help you in searching the primary and secondary keywords for your website. They include Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner etc.

  • Title Tag

When it comes to on-page SEO, title tags are perhaps the most crucial element to improve. We suggest you add your main keyword in the title. It is because your readers will get a clear idea about what your site is about. In short, your title tag should be both user-friendly and keyword-rich.

  •  URL Optimization

For the optimization of the URL, it is better to add the primary keyword to your website’s URL. This is one of the most crucial ranking factors while doing on-page search engine optimization. Though this is a small ranking factor, still, it plays a very important role in your site’s optimization.

  • Mobile Friendliness

It is crucial to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly since Google gives mobile websites priority in ranking. No matter what device someone uses to access the site, it must be aesthetically beautiful and simple to use. Websites by Softigh are entirely mobile-friendly and rank 10x times more than others.

  •  Image Optimization

Another technique to increase your relevance to target keywords is to optimize your photos. There are several methods for doing this. The most effective one is to use keyword variants in both the image’s alt text and name.

  • Internal Linking

An overlooked component of on-page SEO is internal links. It is crucial since it enables you to establish authority across pages of your website. If your website has a lot of authority, you should try connecting your website with other sites(if you have any).

  • Google Search Console

Google Search Console is very important because it helps you to know whether Google is locating and indexing all the pages on your website or not. Moreover, you can also make use of Google Analytics to locate the

Final Verdict

This detailed guideline might have helped you in understanding all the technical aspects of on-page SEO. Though this is helpful, we recommend you hire any agency like Softigh.
They will work on your site professionally and deliver 100% guaranteed results. Now stop waiting and contact Softigh now!

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