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Negative reviews can be a serious threat to the progress of a company. They can harm your online reputation and make it challenging for you to draw in more clients.
To survive in today’s digital world, it is very important to build a strong online presence and avoid these negative reviews. Still, if you get online reviews, you need to remove them from your Google profile.
But how?
Here are some simple steps that you need to follow. Keep reading!

How to Flag Negative Google Reviews?

Check out some of the easiest ways through which you can eliminate negative reviews from your Google business profile.

Remove Negative Reviews using Desktop
  • Access your Google Business Profile Manager by logging in.
  • Click on Reviews.
  • Choose “Flag as inappropriate” by clicking the three little dots to the right of the review you want to mark as improper.
  • Choose a justification for flagging the content.
  • Wait for up to 3 business days to get your desired results.
Remove Negative Reviews using Phone/Tablet
  • Activate the My Business app.
  • Tap Reviews after selecting Customers.
  • Select the “More” option and then tap on “Flag review”.
Remove Negative Reviews using Google Maps
  • On your PC, launch Google Maps.
  • Navigate to the listing for your company.
  • Find the review that you want to delete.
  • Then select Flag as inappropriate from the More menu.

After implementing all these steps, you just have to be patient for Google to proceed. You can also check out the Google policies if you have any confusion left.

Ask your client to edit or erase the review

Whenever any client gives a bad review, it means that they are not satisfied with your service or product. The first thing you should do is go and talk to that respective client. Find out the actual issue and try to convince him to remove that negative review.
It’s somehow possible that your client might agree on removing the bad review himself, but still if he doesn’t agree, simply follow the above-mentioned steps. However, it should be noted that those reasons why your customer gave you a bad review should be avoided in the future.

Tweet to @GoogleSmallBiz.

After doing your research, it won’t harm your reputation if you tweet it on a public forum. Tweet your concern to @GoogleSmallBiz outlining your entire situation.
If you have any screenshots, include them in your tweet or direct message to Google’s Small Business division along with a summary and a link. By doing so, they will be able to see the problem more clearly and take prompt and effective action.


No business owner wants a negative review because it can pose a serious threat to its reputation. If you don’t have the time to respond to and handle unpleasant reviews, you can a reputed agency to help you with your business like Softigh. We will make sure that you get the best reviews and make a favorable impact on as many customers as possible.

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